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Dark Blood Battle Pets Have Arrived

Combat companions make their grand debut in the hit, free-to-play hardcore arcade brawler

San Francisco, CA - October 25, 2012 - Meet Spark! Glutton! Worm! Parrot! Lizard! Snail! Battle Pets, six in all, now available in the Dark Blood Premium Store, to be nurtured, gifted, traded, and sold in the Auction House and Personal Shops. These combat companions begin life as an innocent little egg, but with the right amount of care, they evolve into the most eccentric creatures out there.

"Dark Blood Battle Pets is by far one of the most exciting content updates we've had to date. Each creature comes with its own set of unique attributes that provide endless entertainment for players. Play with them, fight with them, just hang out with them - now never be alone with a loyal Battle Pet at your side!" said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. "And just like a capsule toy that drops from a GACHA vending machine, you never know what you're going to get when you adopt your egg. The extreme randomness of it all adds a whole new dimension of fun to this already super playful arcade MMO."

Check out the DARK BLOOD BATTLE PETS LAUNCH TRAILER at http://youtu.be/9608e7yYgQI, learn all about them in the DARK BLOOD BATTLE PETS CARE GUIDE, and enjoy the brand new MY PET FACEBOOK COVER PHOTOS:

SPARK - Flaming fur ball that sizzles and singes anything that comes close
GLUTTON - Venus Flytrap with Mick Jagger lips and peashooter range attacks
WORM - Slithery crawler whose sudden swoops sends enemies flying
PARROT - Swashbuckling buddy with buffs that block damage
LIZARD - Dino reptile that flips, somersaults, and bounces off the baddies
SNAIL - Wicked creeper that decreases skill cool down time

Dark Blood is the hit, hardcore, side-scrolling dungeon crawler, fighting MMO. PLAY DARK BLOOD FOR FREE at http://www.playdarkblood.com, GET YOUR PET here, and acquire more PET POWER by leveling up in the Race to Evolve launch event. Then get spooky with your pet on a quest to meet the Halloween Hell Knight. Details here. Stay up to date on all the latest game news and promotions at http://darkblood.outspark.com, http://www.facebook.com/outsparkdarkblood, and http://www.twitter.com/darkbloodgame.

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Martine Paris, Outspark Director, PR & Marketing, martine@outspark.com

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